What’s Best for Your Tax Situation: TurboTax or a Des Moines CPA?


Tax Software Or CPA?

As the deadline approaches here in the Des Moines area for filing income tax returns for 2017, there is a segment of the population who haven’t yet decided whether to do their taxes themselves, utilizing tax software like TurboTax or to hire the services of a CPA. Chances are, many of those who find themselves in this predicament are uncertain because of the relative complexity of their tax situation, either as individuals or business owners. If you, yourself, are experiencing this indecision about your own taxes, a comparison of the two alternatives is in order to best resolve the question.

What Are the Advantages of Tax Software in Preparing Your Tax Returns

If your tax situation is fairly straightforward and does not change much from year to year, and you have few, if any, investments, then tax software packages like TurboTax may be perfect for your needs. Among the benefits are lower cost for preparing your return, along with a potentially quicker refund, if you have one due you. If your tax returns are fairly simple, it’s also fairly easy to do them yourself. This is especially true if you are employed and not, yourself, a business owner. Although TurboTax has an edition of its software geared towards a home business, it might be insufficient the more complex the finances and operations of your own business. This is also applying the larger and more diversified is your investment portfolio.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a CPA in Preparing Your Tax Returns

If you employ a number of people through your business endeavors and are engaged in managing large investment holdings, hiring a Des Moines CPA is going to be the most prudent choice. A Des Moines CPA will provide you with the security of knowing you are working with someone who fully understands all of the specific tax laws and regulations specific to your business and/or investment holdings. It will also provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your tax returns can withstand any scrutiny they may encounter from the IRS.

Choosing the Best Des Moines Accounting Services for Your Individual Needs

For the past 15 years, CustomOne CFO & Controllers have been at the forefront of Greater Des Moines accounting and administrative services for local and closely held family businesses and entrepreneurs. Many of these business concerns, though not quite large enough to justify retaining their own CFO or Controller on staff, are, nevertheless, able to fill these vital positions with part-time Des Moines CPA’s contracted through CustomOne CFO & Controllers. If your tax situation requires the types of financial advice, services, and security that far exceed those provided with tax software, like TurboTax, be sure and contact CustomOne CFO & Controllers today for a consultation.

When to hire a Certified Public Accountant

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