Five Characteristics of an Ideal Des Moines CPA

What To Look For When Hiring a Des Moines CPA

One of the most important decisions a small to medium-sized business in the Greater Des Moines Regions will ever make is in choosing a CPA. In some ways, it’s like finding the perfect doctor — one whose professionalism and expertise is impeachable, and who also makes the client feel comfortable. So how does one go about finding such a Des Moines CPA? What are the qualities and traits that a business owner should focus on during their search? Here are five characteristics that would make a prospective CPA an ideal candidate.


  1. Professionalism

Des Moines CPAs undergo a rigorous educational and certification process. To reach the vaunted ranks of being a CPA conveys a high level of confidence in their abilities to meet the financial demands required of them. The good ones go a step further, specializing in taxes or particular lines of business. Through it all, they convey an air of professionalism both in their demeanor and bearing.


  1. Communicator

As all business owners know, finances can be complex. Developing processes that address various business needs like tracking supply chains and establishing precise break-even points for different lines of business is one thing, but being able to explain it to those who need to understand it is another. This requires communication skills apart from the knowledge and abilities in working with figures and complex formulas.


  1. Integrity

The ideal Des Moines CPA is not only going, to be honest, and trustworthy in all their dealings with their clients, they also need to be adapt to becoming a confidant of the business owner. Someone who genuinely has their best interest at heart, not only regarding their ultimate success but also at all levels of a trustworthy relationship that will involve confidentiality with finances and proprietary data and information.


  1. Creativity

A good Des Moines CPA is going to see outside the box. While much of what they will do for a business owner falls into well-established routines and procedures, there are times when thinking outside the box can lead to creative ideas that contribute to growing the business. This might come in with the CPA suggesting possible new lines of revenue, or in recommending combining forces with another business that seems a good fit.


  1. Fairness

Since most work performed by a Des Moines CPA is on a contract basis, transparency in billing and all matters pertaining to any type of financial remuneration is critical in maintaining a relationship for fairness in the eyes of the client. This will be reflected in fair and clear invoicing and billing practices, and will go a long way in maintaining trust.


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