CPA – Top Accounting Firms in Des Moines, IA Offer You Strategic Advice on Your Startup

Top Accounting Firms in Des Moines, IA

You’ve identified your passion. You’ve dreamed up your concept. The pieces of your small business startup are falling into place. But, do the numbers add up? Des Moines accounting lays the foundation for your Des Moines business’ success. Are you building on a solid foundation?

If keeping books is not your “thing”, this part of being a business owner becomes burdensome and overwhelming. Let our Des Moines CPA get you started off on the right foot. Check out the following strategic tips accounting firms in Des Moines want you to know to succeed at your small business venture.

Divorce your Business and Personal Expenses

Early in your business, you may be tempted to use your personal account for business. Your memory is enough to sort out the details later — or so you think. Accounting firms in Des Moines, IA recommend separating business and personal accounts from the get-go, saving yourself frustration, headaches, and man-hours.


Track Every Expense, Record Every Deposit

Again, do not rely on memory. Label and categorize every expense and deposit in your Des Moines accounting software. Digital bookkeeping programs make syncing bank data easier and digitally uploading paper receipts keeps your desk clutter-free. Avoid missed tax write-offs and credits, and unnecessary tax payments with up-to-date books.


Schedule Weekly Time With Your Books

Receipts, inventory records, invoices, receivables, payroll and more are the less than glorious tasks of small business ownership. Set a weekly date to update your books. And, stick to it! This time gives you an overview of your business, tracks labor costs and allows you to follow up on invoices and receivables.


Partner With a Des Moines Accountant

It’s been said too many a business startup — “ask questions!” But, you don’t know what you don’t know. Partnering with a Des Moines accountant gives you access to a wealth of startup information and expertise when the questions arise. Plus, your books are kept current, fees get paid, and loopholes or tax deductions work to your benefit.

In the excitement of launching your business, some of these tips may get pushed to a future to-do list. Stop! Don’t let the excitement sweep you away! Lay down an accounting foundation to keep your business on track and running smoothly.

Contact our Des Moines CPA firm, CustomOne CFO & Controllers, today to put this strategic advice to work for you — then, get swept away!

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