Technical Consultation

Tax planning and liaison with your CPA

Our tax services help in minimizing a client’s overall tax burden whenever and wherever possible. In order to achieve this, our tax services are focused primarily toward constructive tax planning beginning early in the year. We analyze and review the client’s books and records throughout the year. Our team alerts the client when actual results change from previous projections and work with the clients outside CPA firm to adjust the estimated tax payments throughout the year to match the current year earnings. We are proficient in tax regulations, especially regarding closely held or family business structure. We are constantly updating ourselves on any revisions in the regulations and know how to coordinate tax planning techniques that will reduce tax liabilities.

Evaluating insurance coverage and premium costs

Facing a variety of risks is inevitable for any business. Physical risks, technology risks, human risks and many others is a wide range of risks that all organizations are exposed to. Despite the risks implicit in doing business, our CPAs – no matter the size of the business or the industry – can prepare you for them. If and when risk becomes reality, a well-prepared business can moderate the risk’s impact.

Any catastrophic event could be enough to wipe out a small business before it even has a chance to get off the ground. Our accountants are there to help you with covering those risks through selecting an appropriate insurance policy after doing a cost and benefit analysis.

Establishing and maintaining banking relationships

It is essential for a business to maintain good relationship with the banker by keeping the communication open at all times. A relationship that is built on trust with the banker will enable the business to borrow money in the future as well if the business does well and needs further capital input for growth and expansion.

We help you establish banking relationships by negotiations and contacts with them. We also help you maintain a friendly relationship with bankers to avail perks, better interest rates and many more incentives from the banks.