Skills to Focus on When Selecting a Des Moines CPA


How to Select The Best Certified Public Accountant For You Business

Now that your small or medium-size business has arrived at a point where the skills of a top-notch Des Moines CPA is warranted, what exactly are these skills you should be looking for during your selection process?


First off, it’s important to acknowledge anyone who has earned the distinction of being a CPA has already undergone and completed a thorough education and training in the sometimes complex world of accounting. Given this, it’s often those skills that go above and beyond the basics that you should focus on. Here are some of those skills that help Des Moines CPAs stand out from the crowd.


Look for a Des Moines CPA With Expertise

No matter what business fields of specialization a CPA candidate has experience in, what you are particularly looking for is if the candidate has accumulated a high level of expertise in that and in other business areas. This is vital because they need to have a solid foundation in the particulars of your businesses’ operational standards and practices.


Look for a Des Moines CPA With Systems Skills

You’re looking for skills with software and systems that far exceed your in-house accounting personnel. You’re looking for someone who is not only an expert in advanced skills with traditional software programs like Excel and QuickBooks but also has exposure and depth in IT, business intelligence software, enterprise resource planning and structured query language.


Look for a Des Moines CPA With Current Tax Knowledge

One of the most vital contributions a good CPA has to offer your business is in the realm of saving you money through tax strategies, and this requires candidates make a point of regularly updating their knowledge of current and proposed changes in tax laws. This is a must criterion for your selection.


Look for a Des Moines CPA With Communication Skills

It is imperative that the CPA you ultimately select has demonstrated proven and effective communication skills as they will become a de facto spokesman for your company, especially in terms of representing you with tax issues. Communicating with members of your management team requires someone who can help you convey your financial objectives and directives.


Look for a Des Moines CPA With Management Skills

During your selection process, you may discover what you need is a part-time CFO or Controller. These positions require the above skill sets, but also managerial experience. Many candidates who rise to this level have earned master’s degrees, MBAs and the coveted CGMA designation.


Fortunately, here in the Greater Des Moines Region, there are many highly qualified Des Moines CPAs to choose from. At the forefront of this group are the Des Moines CPAs or CustomOne CFO & Controllers. For 15 years they have been a leader in providing area businesses and investors with the highest level of competency and trust. Whether you need a Des Moines CPA who has expertise in your particular line of business, or the services of a part-time CFO or Controller, they can provide you with exactly what you need to succeed. Contact them today to begin your selection process.

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