We offer a wide range of services to Non-Profit organizations in the following segments: Health and Education, Agriculture, Micro finance, Environment, Infrastructure development, Policy advocacy, Disaster & Resilience, Communications & Media, Safety nets and many more.

We formulate for you the policies and help you with their implementation. We manage the funds and grants received. Our goals to work for non-profit organizations are efficiency and effectiveness and these are the means by which we foster innovation, reduce costs and ensure accountability.

Keeping an organization financially healthy starts with healthy books. Charged with protecting the financial health of their organizations, it’s important for nonprofit leaders to understand an organization’s accounting needs, to assess these needs on a regular basis, and to ensure the organization has the necessary staff capabilities. We ensure that your bookkeeping staff have the requisite expertise and your organization has a suitable accounting software program to carry out the functions effectively.

We urge you to invest in our best accounting expertise available to reduce risks.