Key Questions Top Des Moines Accountants Want You to Ask

Top Des Moines accountants are always open to answering questions about their various expertise in the world of business. During consultations, they are more than eager to answer all of the questions Des Moines business owners consider key to their success. But you may be thinking, “what are these key questions I should be asking about?” If that thought sounds familiar, don’t despair. Here is a small representative sample of key questions top Des Moines accountants want you to ask. And remember—there is no such thing as a bad question.


Q: Aside from crunching my numbers, what other services do you offer?

A: One of the best services we offer our clients comes in the form of valuable financial advice. Whether you’re looking to expand, merge or need to downsize we can show you the most productive way to accomplish it.


Q: How do I know if I’m paying enough in taxes, or too much?

A: This is one of the most critical questions you can ask. First of all, we’re not here just to make sure your tax returns are properly prepared. If there’s one invaluable service we offer it is in working alongside you in planning for your business throughout the year. In doing so we can ensure you pay no more taxes than you’re legally required to, and, in most instances, we can help to minimize your tax obligations overall.


Q: Who in your firm will I be dealing with on a regular basis?

A: Your point of contact person will be a member of our firm who we feel is best matched for, not only your particular line of business but also your overall business temperament. In most instances, there will be more people involved than your point of contact person. Much of their work for you will be behind the scenes and highly beneficial.


Q: What about the time factor involved with your service? Will it be timely?

A: We’ll get back to your phone inquiries the same day or, at the latest, the following day. Our objective concerning your financial information is that it be up-to-date and available to you immediately.


Q: What about possible conflicts of interests with my competitors?

A: During the interview process we’ll make every effort to match you up with one of our Des Moines accountants who not only has a special expertise in your line of business but who also has no other clients who might be considered conflicting with your business interests. We’ll monitor this process throughout and make any necessary adjustments required to maintain your trust.


Want to Ask More Questions?

Here at CustomOne CFO & Controllers, we’re prepared to answer many times the number of questions represented in the small sample above. Questions about helping you make more money, technical processes, creative business advice, our credentials and education, and how you can keep our fees lower by preparing information yourself. But perhaps the most important question you have is, “why us?” We’ll be more than glad to share with you how our CPAs and accountants have enabled CustomOne CFO & Controllers to become the top accounting firm in the Greater Des Moines Region. Contact us today so we can answer the many key questions we want you to ask.



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