How We Provide Tax Expertise to Non-English Speaking Des Moines Businesses

In the Greater Des Moines Region, less than 20-percent of the population (33,094) are speakers of a language other than English. The most common primary languages spoken by this segment of the population, in order of their percentage of the population, are:
  • Spanish
  • African languages
  • Vietnamese
  • Laotian
  • Thai
  • Serbo-Croatian
  Providing Tax Advice for Our Non-English Speaking Businesses and Residents So what happens when a business or individual whose primary language is not English needs tax advice or must file taxes? At CustomOne CFO & Controllers, our team of CPAs and financial managers are aware of this need within the Greater Des Moines Region community and have taken steps to ensure that we are able to make every effort to provide tax information and tax filings to all our residents, regardless of their primary language. To that end, we are able to make arrangements to work with contract accountants, if necessary, who speak your language to work with us on your behalf.   How Contract Accountants Work With Us for Your Benefit Let’s say you are a Vietnamese speaker with some English as a second language who needs to file his or her’s business taxes for the current year. Through our extensive network of professional CPAs and accountants, we will arrange for you to contact an accountant who speaks Vietnamese. This contract accountant will serve as a translator between you and CustomOne CFO & Controllers so that you are made fully aware of all of the forms we file on your behalf. Not only does this ensure that your tax filings will be accurate and acceptable to federal, state and local tax authorities, it will also help you to better understand applicable tax laws to assist you in preparing for subsequent tax filings.   Our process during this arrangement would include:
  • Pre-filing information gathering. Our contractor would make sure all required personal information is translated into English.
  • Review of business records. Should your accounting be entered into your records in your primary language, our contract accountant would translate your records into English.
  • Post-filing preparation review. After our CPAs and accountants prepare your tax forms, the contract accountant would go over them with you to ensure your complete understanding and to make any adjustments necessary.
  • Filing of your taxes. Once we are certain that all parties involved have communicated accurately with one another we will process the finished tax filings for you.
  At this point you would have the option to work with the contract accountant we have provided for an extended period of time to, perhaps, make adjustments to your bookkeeping system if you wish to be more adequately prepared for next years taxes.   At CustomOne CFO & Controllers we pride ourselves in being able to provide our expertise and experience to all population segments of the Greater Des Moines Region, regardless of what language they speak. Please contact us to learn more about this vital service.