How to Figure Out Which Talents to Hire In-House and Which to Outsource


When it comes to hiring your own employees, it can be an intimidating process. You’re going from owning and operating your own business to adding employees that you will need to count on to take on certain responsibilities. It can be nerve-racking to give up control like that, so it’s imperative that you hire the right positions and right people for those positions.

There are many different functions that go into running a business. You need to decide which of those you need to hire first and which ones make more sense to outsource. When you first start hiring employees, you probably won’t be able to hire for every position.

How to Figure Out Which Talents to Hire In-House and Which to Outsource

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses

Chances are if you’re just beginning to hire employees, you’re already being stretched pretty thin. Take a look at the areas that you enjoy doing and the tasks you don’t enjoy. Also, consider those that you’re good at and the areas you’re not an expert in. This will help you decide where you need to bring in extra help and what tasks you want to continue to do.

Consider where you want to spend your money and where you need the most help

When you’re considering hiring employees, look at the areas of your business that you need the most help. These will be the areas where you want to spend the money and time by bringing in employees. Employees are a huge investment, so make sure of where you want to bring them in and what areas you may not need them right away.

Consider the positions that will benefit your business through collaboration.

There are certain positions that can benefit from working with others closely. Depending on your industry, this could change. It may be creative positions or other employees that benefit the company from working closely with you.

Commonly outsourced departments


Accounting functions usually make sense to outsource when you’re just starting to hire employees. You don’t necessarily need a Des Moines CPA or accountant in-house. You can benefit from professional experience without having to pay to hire one in-house. Use a Des Moines accounting firm instead.


This is another area that is commonly outsourced because of the experience level. Look for a firm that specializes in your industry to get the most for your money.

The departments that make the most sense to outsource really depend on your individual circumstances. Consider working with a Des Moines accounting firm for these needs. Contact CustomOne CFO & Controllers with any questions now!




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