How an Internal Accounting Team Can Cost More than Outsourced Accounting Services

Your business is expanding, and as it does you’ve had to take on more and more responsibilities. As you grow, you’ll inevitably need to consider hiring more people to take on those responsibilities — and one of them is handling your company’s finances. Trust us — unless you’re a trained CPA, you’ll want to hire an experienced professional to take care of your bottom line.

Before you hire a full-time accountant, though, you should consider outsourcing your services with a Des Moines accounting firm instead. While it might seem like an extra layer of hassle, and simply easier to go with a full-time CPA that you can have on staff and on site every day, outsourcing your accounting services can actually end up saving you money in the long term. Here’s how:

Outsourcing Is More Cost Effective

Hiring a new employee comes with a lot of expenses, and payroll is just one of them. There’s also insurance, training, vacation and sick days — in other words, a full-time employee costs a lot of money. What’s more, depending on the size of your business you might not actually need that full-time CPA each and every day. So, that means your spending all of this money for a staff member who isn’t needed all the time.

Outsourcing avoids these costs by sending you a team of trained, seasoned professionals that only work when you need them to. And since they’re not on the company payroll, you don’t have to worry about paying anything other than the exact services being rendered. And when their services aren’t needed? You don’t have to pay anything at all.


Outsourcing Reduces Fraud

Of course, you’ll do a background check, but did you know that internal fraud is actually a pretty big problem in small businesses? That’s because a small business can usually get by with only one full-time accountant, which means virtually no oversight. Even the best people with the best references can get tempted in situations like that.

Outsourcing with a Des Moines CPA means more oversight because you’ll have a dedicated team that provides each other with the necessary checks and balances that can help keep your accounts — and your bottom line — safe.


Outsourcing Means More Experienced Eyes

Finally, while you might end up hiring a crackerjack accountant, one set of eyes can never beat a whole team of eyes — a team of eyes that are trained to help you make every deduction, trim every expense, and save money in a host of ways. Sure, one full-time CPA can help, but can that one employee really see and do more than an entire team of professional Des Moines accountants?

When you’re ready to save money and have your accounts managed by a seasoned, experienced team, why not give us a call at CustomOne CFO & Controllers? We’re ready to serve your needs!

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