General Management Services

Where it comes to efficient work flow, it is important to keep an appropriate number of staff as well as with the right combination of skills. We help you establishing policies for hiring, retention and dismissing of your accounting staff. Our services also include the supervision, review, training and evaluation of your accounting staff. We keep your staff updated with the latest accountancy material issued by the accountancy bodies. An accountant needs to be up to the date in the market. A strong team of accountants in the business helps it grow by managing the financial data and using it for future planning.

A software suitable with the company operations is one of the basic necessities. We help you for selecting the right choice of software for your company. Our expert staff also helps in installation and utilization of the system software. We train your employees in using it. Our firm along with the software, helps you with choosing compatible hardware.

It is mandatory for a business to develop a business plan. We help you in developing an achievable plan that is in accordance with that of the industry, market and competitors. We help you in determining targets, planning for any mergers, acquisitions or disposals.

We help our clients with establishing the accounting and reporting systems. The Reporting System integrates with your other systems, for examples the sales system, accounting system, information storage, transport, logistics and HR Systems. With the help from our expert accountants, we enable you to handle large amounts of data that is of high importance even though it does not have much to do with daily operations within a business like market and marketing information, competitive information, quotes and proposals, legal information, commodity prices, etc.