Finding the Right CPA in Des Moines

Things to Consider When Hiring a CPA

There are times when your personal financial situation might require the services of an accountant. In some instances, you might require even more financial resources, say, a company that specializes in a full array of accounting services. Your financial situation might even warrant the services of a CPA firm. Regardless, whether the need is for an individual, a family or a business, selecting a Des Moines CPA with whom you can develop a satisfactory working relationship requires that you ask thoughtful questions. Here are eight questions designed to help you in determining if a CPA has the education and experience, along with a commitment to professionalism and involvement within the Des Moines community, which is just right for your needs.

1. How Long Has the Firm Been Doing Business in Des Moines?

In general, you’re going to want to work with a CPA firm with a well established local history for which referrals and references are readily available. However, there are times when involving yourself with a newer firm might offer you to be at or near the top of their list of clients. This might result in more attention to your financial needs.

2. Does the Firm Have a Valid CPA Permit to Practice?

The State of Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau mandates that all CPA firms have a CPA firm permit to practice. This permit allows for Des Moines CPA firms to practice public accounting.

3. Has the Firm Recently Completed Education Relevant to Your Area of Expertise?

Continuing education is vital to professionals in maintaining their expertise and for keeping abreast of changes in their field. You want a Des Moines accountant who invests a portion of their time in staying relevant in your area of expertise.

4. What Are the Firm’s Policies Regarding Initial Consultation and Meetings?

Most CPA firms offer a free, initial consultation, during which they will provide you with an estimate of their fees pertaining to the Des Moines accounting services you require. They will also review with you whether your business will need to be conducted in person or through digital communications or both.

5. Is It Okay to Solicit Referrals From a Few of Their Current Clients?

If the answer is no, it’s probably a good sign to move on to your next interview. Any reputable Des Moines CPA firm should be more than willing to provide you with contact information for clients for whom they perform comparable services to that which you seek.

6. What is Their Expertise and Specialized Knowledge With My Particular Business?

You want to make sure that the Des Moines CPA firm you’re interviewing has experience with your line of products and services. This will ensure that you’ll be dealing with a firm that understands the particular financial needs pertaining to your business.

7. What Are the Fees and Hourly Rates for Their Services?

It is best to have a clear understanding right from the beginning as to how much you’ll be charged for the Des Moines accounting services you require. While you’ll need to be flexible, you do want to make an effort to avoid any unexpected surprises that can adversely impact your budget.

8. What Computer Software Should I Use to Stay Compatible With Their Needs?

It may be imperative that your bookkeeping records be entered into a software program that can be easily downloaded into the CPA firm’s system to ensure accuracy. The CPA firm you’re interviewing will guide you in all aspects of computerized bookkeeping.

The process of interviewing Des Moines CPA firms who can assist you in maintaining accurate financial records, and can provide you with sound fiduciary advice, is vital to making a wise choice. CustomOne CFO & Controllers has been providing reputable and professional Des Moines accounting services since 2004. Aside from an impressive resume working with world-wide accounting firms, their true passion is in helping local businesses. Contact them today!


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