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Payroll Services Rugby

Payroll Services

Is the processing of your payroll proving costly and time consuming? From as little as £8 a month we can provide the answer you are looking for.

Our expertise is high and our overheads are low which as a business we pass on to you.

My name is Adrian Elson and in 1996 along with my business partner I created Alpha Administration after I had witnessed first hand the benefits accrued to the oil company I was working for at the time, when they out sourced their entire accounting function.

Almost immediately they saw a reduction in their costs and red tape, and from there our idea was born.

Ever since we have been providing small to medium sized companies with a fully computerised, comprehensive payroll service which has allowed them to do the following:

Have a look at what we can offer you, as well as what other valued customers have had to say.


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Data Transfer

Once you are entirely happy with the price and the procedures for processing your payroll – then your data can be transferred free of charge at anytime during the tax year on to our computerised system.

Software Cover

We use SAGE software as it is recognised as the best in the market whilst it also ensures that your company will always be up to date when it comes to changes in legislation.

Payroll Processing

From the most basic of information we can fully process your payroll with a rapid turn around to produce reports and payslips using only the best stationary on the market today.

Dealing with HMRC

we will deal with all letter writing and phone calls to the HMRC, concerning the PAYE of your employees and your company if you require us to.

On Line Filing

We will file on line all starters and leavers on your payroll thus complying with current legislation.

Year End Processing

We will process and file your year end on line to include production of all p14s p60s and p35.


Our prices are fully inclusive of the above and start from as little as £8 per month for a single person monthly payroll processed via e mail or £11 for a standard payroll. Our charges then increase by 90 pence per employee thereafter.

Full Support

At all times day or night we will be on the end of the phone to offer you full friendly professional support.

Payroll Services Rugby