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If you are struggling with debt, you aren’t alone. Many people have financial difficulties that are challenging to overcome. When you are having trouble making your monthly payments and are falling behind with your bills, you may be a candidate for our UmbrellaDebt program. We offer a way to consolidate credit card debt together so you can make one affordable monthly payment.

What is the UmbrellaDebt Relief Program?

The UmbrellaDebt relief program is a way to consolidate credit card debt so you can become debt-free over time. The plan gives you a way to pay off your debt, and in some cases, you may be able to reduce the debt you owe. The program allows an experienced debt negotiator to review your specific needs and develop a plan that fits your financial situation. We may negotiate with creditors to reduce the balance that you owe. Many people find that this is a viable alternative to bankruptcy. You can complete the program in 12 to 48 months. After that time, you will become financially independent and will create a better financial situation for you and your family.

Benefits of the UmbrellaDebt Relief Program

When you choose to consolidate credit card debt, you will be able to get out from under a troubling financial situation. You will immediately feel less stress because you will be able to afford monthly payments to pay down your debt. In many cases, we can help reduce the amount that you owe so that you can resolve your payments more easily. Our program is often a better choice for those who are considering bankruptcy. Rather than stain your financial record with bankruptcy, you can resolve your debt problems and begin to build new credit to create a stress-free economic lifestyle.

What Types of Debt Qualifies for the Program?

Some types of debt qualify for consolidation under the program, while other kinds of debt do not. Qualifying debt includes credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, accounts in collections, and other unsecured debts. Some debts that do not generally qualify include mortgages, student loans, short-term loans, car loans, and IRS tax debts. These types of debts also do not qualify for exemption under the bankruptcy rules. When you consolidate credit card debt, you will effectively resolve your financial troubles. One of our specialists will help determine your options so you can make a decision that is best for your specific case.

UmbrellaDebt Consumer Debt Relief

At UmbrellaDebt, we provide a variety of programs that help consumers resolve their financial situation favorably. Our debt relief programs allow you to consolidate credit card debt so you can get out from under financial difficulties with a plan that will work. We will help you calculate your payments and assist with getting a reduction on some of your debts when possible. You can apply for our program online, and we will assist you to quickly resolve your financial problems with a consolidation program that meets your needs. Contact UmbrellaDebt today to start getting relief from debt as soon as possible.

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