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Cbd Merchant Account Woocommerce

You've been turned down by your bank for a CBD merchant account on Woocommerce- now what? Many CBD business owners mistakenly think it's going to be easy getting set up online for credit card processing only to find a surprising rejection by their bank. At APS, we know that streamlined payment processing is an essential part of growing your business and being able to compete in the tough CBD industry and we're here to help when you need fast approval for a merchant account.

Why Does My Bank Call Me a High-Risk Merchant?

Building an online business in the CBD, hemp, or cannabis industry means a host of challenges along the way- at the top of the list, you'll find the unique problem of trying to convince a financial institution that you're trying to run an honest and legitimate business. Our team at Alternative Payment Systems knows where you're coming from- we provide more options for selling your products and accepting payments, both in-store and on your website. Reach out to an APS agent today to start growing your business.

Why Did My Bank Reject My Merchant Account Application?

If you're trying to open a CBD merchant account on Woocommerce, you'll need approval from your bank to accept credit card and e-payments for the products you sell. You'll save yourself a lot of time and hassle when you contact APS first and leave your bank out of the equation. In most cases, as soon as your bank determines your connection to CBD, you'll be asked to close other bank accounts and take your business elsewhere. Instead, contact an agent from APS who can help you choose a better option than a CBD merchant account o Woocommerce. We'll streamline the process of your approval and assist you from start to finish.

CBD Merchant Processing

There's no way around it- processing credit cards and other e-payments is part-and-parcel of doing business on the internet today. In order to sell CBD products, you'll need to establish a convenient way for your customers to place products in a shopping cart and checkout with no surprises along the way. APS is the best alternative to owning a CBD merchant account on Woocommerce- and we'll help you see a better positive trajectory in your monthly bottom line

The Best Alternative Solution

At APS, we'll work hard to quickly get you approved for a merchant account from one of our 40+ partners who compete for your business with affordable rates. More options mean more flexible payments and interest rates, so you know you won't get stuck with the first offer that comes your way. The CBD industry tends to pay higher fees and prices compared with lower-risk sectors, but that's all part of doing business in the industry you've chosen. We'll do our part to keep costs low by providing many choices on your road to success. Call us if you've been rejected for a CBD merchant account on Woocommerce; we're a better choice for growing a successful business.

Cbd Merchant Account Woocommerce